Perhaps I should put some plants out on the balcony (which gets a decent amount of direct sunlight -- especially in the afternoon). What should I grow?
Maybe some herbs you use a lot in cooking? ‎· John B.
Afternoon sunlight can be pretty intense in the summer. Maybe peppers? Sweet or hot. They like the warmth. ‎· Kirsten
Rosemary. ‎· SAM
I have always enjoyed putting cherry tomatoes in pots on balconies with lots of sun. ‎· lris
Wait... I forget. What climate are you in? ‎· SAM
Mid-Atlantic, United States. ‎· Julian
edible or ornamental? houseplant or one-season types? (geraniums are pretty, bright-colored flowers that would love the sun, if you water 'em, but they'll only be around the one year) ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn