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When did these copper mug drinks become so much of a thing?


Also, other than the Moscow Mule, what other drinks are best in a copper mug?

 ‎· Julian

No clue but it's kind of irritating. I mean, the copper mug-Moscow Mule connection has been around since the 40's but of course because somehow it's now become this big trend, everyone's suddenly acting like it's this incredible invention that we can't live without. Shoot, someone gave me a set of copper mugs for Christmas this year. I rarely drink Moscow Mules to begin with. No idea what to do with these mugs. The funny thing is, when you Google "Which drinks use copper mugs", you get a lot of articles about copper mugs that only specifically mention Moscow Mules by name and then are like "But you can use these for many other types of vodka and gin drinks." Yet none of them actually NAME any of those drinks. The nice thing about copper mugs is they do keep cold drinks colder for longer, so I guess they'd be good for any summer cocktail?

 ‎· Hookuh Tinypants

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