What is shaking tonight (or, for some, what has been shaking)?
Hopefully dinner with a couple of my friends? Nothing too fancy. ‎· Jennifer D.
Quiet evening at home for me. About to make dinner; pondering watching a movie. ‎· Kirsten
Bourbon, chores and puttering on a Raspberry Pi/CNC thing I'm trying to sort out. Still debating the dinner situation. ‎· SAM
Howboutchu? ‎· SAM
Finishing up season one of Jessica Jones. ‎· Julian
Budget homework. I lead a wild life. ‎· k8s
I went out with folks after work, now I'm watching Awkward. ‎· Meg Vmeg
We enjoyed, Jessica Jones well enough. Not stellar, but entertaining. ‎· SAM
We went to the pub last night and today I have a really nasty hangover. :-/ ‎· Jenny H.
Shaking today: some housecleaning and laundry, plus an accounting quiz. Livin' large! ‎· Have Yourself a Merry Little LB
Last night was mostly a bust, but tonight is the Sounders match! ‎· Jennifer D.