I think Curt Shilling just lost his job.
He was a better human being before he lost that no-hitter in Oakland that one time. ‎- Julian
He's always been a bit of a jerk. Back when Schilling was still with the Phillies, the then-GM said, "Every fifth day, Curt's our horse. The other 4 days, he's our horse's ass." ‎- John B.
Like that one time during the World Series when he had that towel over his head? ‎- Julian
... and he did just actually lose his job. If that had not happened, ESPN would have been in quite a bit of trouble (considering they have a good portion of their on-air operations originating from Charlotte). ‎- Julian
Yep. ‎- Jennifer D.
We'll always have our memories of his sharpie-stained...err..."bloody" sock. ‎- Bren