The Montreal Expos played eight seasons longer in their converted Olympic stadium than the Braves will have played in theirs when they move out after this season. Name the other two MLB franchises who called an Olympic stadium their home at one time.
Dodgers and Angels? ‎· John B.
You win the fabulous prize! If we were to count Olympic *venues* (not just main stadiums), the Expos/Nationals would count twice. ‎· Julian
For a bonus: name the MLS franchises that have played at Olympic venues. ‎· Julian
Vancouver and Montreal spring to mind. ‎· Jennifer D.
Plus Galaxy and Chivas? ‎· John B.
It appears Chivas didn't. But Real Salt Lake did. ‎· John B.
Two more. ‎· Julian
I'm having trouble thinking of other North American cities that hosted Olympics or that had MLS teams. ‎· John B.
Same. ‎· Jennifer D.
Are you counting the original Fulton County stadium for the Atlanta games, too? We saw the USA vs Cuba game there in 1996. USA won I think. ‎· Joe
We can count the Braves twice, too. ‎· Julian
The other two cities -- Washington and Orlando (who both hosted Olympic football preliminaries in 1996). ‎· Julian