I finally have a good reason to move from the Nexus 5 to the Nexus 5X. ‎· Julian
Additionally, I could buy the new phone I would want, and pay less for it than I did for the previous phone. Furthermore, for the base monthly plan plus 1 GB of data per month, I would be paying exactly as much as I am currently paying for just 250 minutes and 50 MB of data (not gigabytes... MEGAbytes) per month (but I do currently have unlimited text). ‎· Julian
Just need to be careful about my existing Google Voice number... ‎· Julian
The best strategy here seems to be to use Google Takeout to export everything from Google Voice on the existing Google account; make a new Google account; move the existing Google Voice number to that; and *then* get Fi on the original Google account (meaning that all the purchased apps and associated data get to stay). ‎· Julian