Has anyone randomly called Sweden?
No, but I once accidentally called a porn line at work. (Was dialing a publisher in Hawaii and switched the area code from 808 to 888.) ‎· Kirsten
My mum accidentally called Afghanistan, apparently their code is similar to Turkey, we freaked when we she got the bill we thought we'd been hacked. ‎· Halil
No, but Sprint swore my husband made $12K worth of calls to Argentina and Italy, from his cell phone, in a single month. And when we refused to pay, not only did they cut off his cell phone, they also cut off our landline long distance service and put a lock on our account for over 10 years, preventing us from changing long distance providers, until they removed the lock, which they had no intention of doing until my husband paid the $12K bill. (which we never did) ‎· April
I really should. I've been a little chicken to use that "Call a Swede" number. ‎· Spidra Webster
I'm curious, but I also talk to Swedes regularly here, so. ‎· Jenny H.
We have Sweden almost here, on the other side of pond. That said, I can't recall calling anyone there, including few friends and contacts over there. Oh, and we have circa 5-6% population speaks Finnish Swedish here (somewhat different than Swedish Swedish), so if I ever crave to talk some Swedish, I can ... you know, just call local number or even meet :) ‎· silpol