A funny thing happened as I was leaving work today. Someone sent an email to a mailer, and somehow, thousands (if not tens of thousands) of people received it. Seeing that it was inadvertently sent to multiple mailer. addresses (with no clue as to exactly which one went to so many people by "accident"), hilarity ensued as the responses came flooding in -- mostly of the "remove me from this list" variety.
The funniest response I saw was one where someone responded to the thread with a recipe. Yes, a recipe. Apparently, this person does this whenever such an email thread happens. So, the next time this happens, I recommend responding with a recipe -- just to keep things interesting. ‎· Julian
Gotta make a note of that. :-) ‎· bentley
Actually, multiple recipes were mentioned. The first was for French toast. ‎· Julian
We have this type of incident happen at work two or three times a year and while it can be annoying, I've found that there are fun people who respond occasionally and it's worth sifting through all the responses to find those little nuggets of awesome. :D Last time one guy at our Wales office said "Please don't remove me from the list. I'm quite enjoying the frenzy!" :) ‎· Hookuh Tinypants
^^^ !!! ‎· orgmonkey