Today at school I was working with the boy I was assigned to my first year. He was doing math. He worked hard and did a nice job. Afterward I said, "Good job!" He patted himself on the back and lapsed into a dialogue that he had obviously remembered.
"Good job Billy (not his real name)! I'm proud of you" ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
"Thank you Dad!" ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
He then looked at me and asked why I was sad. I said I wasn't sad at all. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
He got up to go play. I got a tissue to wipe whatever it was out of my eye. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
BTW, I didn't realize how much I missed having a place where I could post stuff like this. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
Room must have been dusty... ‎· MoTO Babycakes