So, do I work on my sermon or not?
Do you have any chance of digging out in time for a Sunday service (and getting the church cleared too)? ‎· John B.
It depends. If this storm fizzles like many before, yes. If we get 12 inches, no. Plus there's the fact that if I don't cancel there will be folks who try to come who maybe shouldn't. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
On the other hand, if I do cancel, I'll probably just move this week's service to next week, including the sermon, so I still have to write it. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
Go ahead and write the sermon for next week. If you have a service and people show up this week, have a song service instead. :) ‎· Have Yourself a Merry Little LB
I am in northern NJ, and all Catholic church services are suspended, all the way till Monday, at the earliest. ‎· April