Tomorrow is the last day of school and my last day at this school. Next year I will be following my young charge to middle school.
I'm sad to be leaving, but I thought it was in his best interest to have some consistency in the new place. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
Even so, I didn't request to be transferred but instead waited to be asked if I had a preference. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
The principal asked that question in January. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
In early March my charge's parents requested that I be kept with their son as he moved up. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
It's pretty rare to have aides follow the special needs kids from primary to secondary and the middle school folks were playing it close to the vest. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
They ultimately decided that, yes, it was in his best interest to have me transfer with him to middle school. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
This was my 5th year at my current school, my fourth supporting this boy. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
I'll probably shed some tears tomorrow. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
But, also, SUMMER!!!!! ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon