How to import Twitter into Mokum. First, create a Mokum token: Second, register on and create a "zap" connecting your Twitter account to "Webhooks". Configure the zap as shown below. Paste your Mokum token to the appropriate field.

(technical detail: is a webhook transformer microservice. It does not save your token. The source is available: ‎- Alex Kapranoff
А оно платное или мне кажется? (Запиер) ‎- ((хаосбля))
@motto ещё есть ifttt ‎- plain
so wait, does that also mean we can hook up anything supported by Zapier? ‎- Kickdrum
I'm getting an error code "-2". Is anyone else getting the same? ‎- Kickdrum
@motto Zapier бесплатный за <= 100 срабатываний в месяц. А кто твитит больше, тот сам виноват. ‎- Alex Kapranoff
@kickdrum, yes, other services from Zapier work too. Show -2 screenshot, where do you see it? ‎- Alex Kapranoff
Does the API allow image attachment? It would be nice to have images or links displayed with their thumbnails :) ‎- Koray AI
^^ I had had -2 for a URL with a leading space - check your settings ‎- Cat-coloured object
@alf: augh, cheers, will do :) ‎- Kickdrum
@kappa do you feel it's possible to replicate the same result using the Maker channel on IFTTT? ‎- Brixie
@alf: that was it! solved my problem, thank you :) ‎- Kickdrum
karışık işler ‎- çakır ☘
bilale anlatır gibi please ‎- çakır ☘
Thank you, this is very important because importing content from external sources allows to create a critical mass of discussions. I hope that @squadette will implement more message metadata (like the source service name and the original URL) to allow a more Friendfeed-like experience. ‎- Marco d'Itri
I have already imported the ATOM feed of my own blow using the same method. ‎- Marco d'Itri
@brixie Absolutely. İfttt works ok. Zapier has testing feature, though, which helps avoid waiting 15 mins after any change. ‎- Alex Kapranoff
It's working with Maker channel on IFTTT ‎- رفیع
If it's possible for next API to check token in the body instead of headers, we can skip the and it's limitaions, using Maker channel in IFTTT ‎- رفیع
It looks like I'm able to use this to also connect Tumblr, but I can't seem to get the photo/picture portion to work (if it doesn't, no big deal, even texts/links are pretty awesome.) ‎- Jennifer D.
*bump* ‎- Kirsten
Is it possible to send a zap directly to the private subfeed? ‎- LibSkrat
@libskrat: yes. Specify timelines: [ "private" ] in request body. ‎- псы в рапиде
GLORIOUS! ‎- LibSkrat
@geminorum: so you confirm me that with Maker and IFTTT at the moment is not really working? (I thought I was too dumb to make it work ;-) ) ‎- Brixie
@رفیع Thanks for sharing your IFTTT recipe. I got it to work, as well. ‎- Bigstarlet
@geminorum: I finally had time to check your recipe, and now I see why it's working for you. You're using the transformer, like in Zapier. I was instead trying to do it directly with Maker inside IFTTT :-) ‎- Brixie
shameless up for all people interested! :-D ‎- Brixie