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Passage: a Gamma256 video game by Jason Rohrer -
"Passage is meant to be a memento mori game. It presents an entire life, from young adulthood through old age and death, in the span of five minutes. Of course, it's a game, not a painting or a film, so the choices that you make as the player are crucial. There's no "right" way to play Passage, just as there's no right way to interpret it. However, I had specific intentions for the various mechanics and features that I included. You've probably figured most of these out already, but I wanted to put forth a few explanations for anyone who is interested." ‎· Alex Kapranoff
Концепт-игра, есть под все платформы, занимает 5 минут. ‎· Alex Kapranoff
Сиквел тоже хороший, только на этот раз автор не разжёвывает, что он имел в виду. И на этот раз не про жизнь, а про настроение, про энергию и баланс работы и семьи. Я так думаю. ‎· Alex Kapranoff
ух какая философия ‎· shirokoff