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The Smart List 2012: 50 people who will change the world (Wired UK) -
"Popovic is the executive director of the Belgrade-based Center for NonViolent Action and Strategies (Canvas). He was one of a handful of students at Belgrade University who, in 1998, established Otpor ("resistance"), a political movement aimed at overthrowing Slobodan Milosevic. Instead of marches and speeches, Otpor relied on street theatre and pranks -- their guiding spirit was Monty Python's Flying Circus. After two years, Otpor had 70,000 members, and Milosevic fell." ‎· Alex Kapranoff
Боевые сербские тролли!!! ‎· Alex Kapranoff
"Established in Belgrade, CANVAS has worked with pro-democracy activists from more than 50 countries,[1] including Iran, Zimbabwe, Burma, Venezuela, Ukraine, Georgia, Palestine, Western Sahara, West Papua, Eritrea, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Tonga and, recently, Tunisia and Egypt.[2] It works only with groups with no history of violence[3] and only in response to requests for assistance. CANVAS’ training and methodology has reportedly been successfully applied by groups in [8] (2003), [9] (2004), Lebanon (2005), The Maldives (2008) and Egypt (2011)." ‎· Alex Kapranoff
Заменить митинги карнавалами. ‎· профсоюзы в Signal, Tox, Jabber