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My Friends and I Bought an Island - Tynan -
"six weeks ago, a good friend of mine sent me a listing to an island in Canada. Wouldn't it be cool to buy an island, he asked? I clicked and was shocked-- Canadian islands are cheap AND close. They may not fit the archetype of the tropical private island, but the climate wasn't why I wanted the island. I wanted to share a miniature country with some friends and see what we could build." ‎· Alex Kapranoff
"an island for under 100k wow. that's a very affordable price." ‎· newtover
жесть ‎· kaplin
Вот похожий остров в продаже сейчас -- где-то 120км от Хельсинки, на внутреннем озере, 1.7га@109K EUR. ‎· abbra
Остров 2 га в штате Нью-Йорк за $125K ‎· BUG: user_id=<7>