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"a group of adults were playing a game of sardines at an engagement party. First we met the bride-to-be, Rebecca, then the nerdy Ian, then Rebecca’s brother and his partner, Stuart, and so on, until around 10 of them were squeezed into one wardrobe. It’s testimony to the top-notch acting and the perfectly-pitched dialogue that the 30-minute episode kept you interested right to the end (and a sinister twist), despite there being no other location outside of the one room and the closet" ‎· Alex Kapranoff
Отличные шесть серий по 30 минут. Такой Black Mirror, только чуть-чуть в другом жанре. Британские учёные объявили неделю чёрной британской комедии. ‎· Alex Kapranoff
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