A Telegram bot that lets you anonymously post to Mokum https://github.com/babua/MokumAnonyBot
Спасибо, заблокировал сразу. Всем кто хочет заблокировать, блокируйте пользователя @mokumanony ‎- snowflake herder
@ayoshi Спасибо! ‎- рулон весны
cheers! :) ‎- Kickdrum
I swear I was going to make an English announcement as well, but it just fell through. Speaking of, if there's interest, I can make language-specific versions of this that run separately. That way you guys don't have to read all The Turkish stuff heh (not that there's much activity yet) ‎- Kickdrum
gururumuzsun................ ‎- Gwen
fak ! :( ‎- ferram
@joanmiro: web servise baglasak ya senle abi bunu ya, ben cok bilmiyom acip okumam ogrenmem lazim, useniyom v_v ‎- Kickdrum
also I'm ashamed to admit that I forgot to give credit to @joanmiro, whose ffanony service on friendfeed was the inspiration for this bot; or rather, this bot is a shameless -and less capable- clone of ffanony. The Turkish community is all aware of the fact so I'd thought that was obvious, and forgot to pay my respects :) ‎- Kickdrum