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Читаю “Born to Run” Кристофера Макдугалла — читается как забористый детектив! :)
His atrocious, death-spasming style was punch-line heaven for track scribes (“The most frightful horror spectacle since Frankenstein.” ... “He runs as if his next step would be his last.” ... “He looks like a man wrestling with an octopus on a conveyor belt”), but Zatopek just laughed along. “I’m not talented enough to run and smile at the same time,” he’d say. “Good thing it’s not figure skating. You only get points for speed, not style.” ‎· Victory through semantics
“Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction.” ‎· Victory through semantics
Natural selection is all about two things—eating and not getting eaten—and being able to run twenty miles ain’t worth a damn if the deer disappears in the first twenty seconds and a tiger can catch you in ten. What good is endurance on a battlefield built on speed? ‎· Victory through semantics
Luckily, the Harvard bio labs have the best locomotive research in the world (as their willingness to insert a thermometer in a cheetah’s butt should make clear) ‎· Victory through semantics
“The brain is always scheming to reduce costs, get more for less, store energy and have it ready for an emergency,” Bramble explained. “You’ve got this fancy machine, and it’s controlled by a pilot who’s thinking, ‘Okay, how can I run this baby without using any fuel?’ ‎· Victory through semantics