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Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity -
To solve these four problems, you need an analyst, that is, a person with a planet-sized brain. Invest multiple times more in her or him, or more of them, if you truly want to take action on your data. Otherwise, you are simply data rich and information poor. ‎· Victory through semantics
A great Analyst is capable of descending to the Customer level from the "analytical heights" and help her/him to move forward (because customers can't fly). ‎· Victory through semantics
The 15 hours of complex multivariate statistical regression model analysis is hidden, they keep ego aside, and tell the “simple minded” decision maker that the changing product content presentation will have the highest correlated impact on revenue. ‎· Victory through semantics
But that 30% of the time that allows them to play Offence, to provide insights that no one thought to ask for, insights that drive truly impactful actions. You do it because you realize that you are smarter about the site and data than anyone else out there and you do it because it is a lot of fun. :~) ‎· Victory through semantics
This is another principle i’ll repeat frequently in the book: segmentation is the key to finding insights. you segment, or you die. ‎· Victory through semantics
Moving between similar tools is like jumping off the Titanic to another sinking ship called the Pitanic: there isn’t much difference, and the outcome will be the same. ‎· Victory through semantics
If you remember nothing else, remember this: life is about taking action, and if your work is not driving action, you need to stop and reboot. ‎· Victory through semantics
[Bounce rate] measures customer behavior, perhaps the most holy of the holy goals in measurement. ‎· Victory through semantics
Using Unique Visitors will ensure that your conversion rate calculations more closely reflect the real-world purchasing and consideration process of your customers. it is not “BUY NOW! BUY NOW!” it is “Come visit our website. Thoughtfully consider whether we are a fit for you; it’s ok to go back and check with your boss/wife and then conclude the purchase.” ‎· Victory through semantics
We must work hard to get to the root cause (rather than making an excuse) and share the cause and effect with our decision makers. Then and only then will the metric be actionable. ‎· Victory through semantics
Our senior executives and decision makers don’t understand all the complexity and magic of a web experience. showing them segmented trends is an extremely effective communication tool. And the best part is you barely have to talk; the picture will tell the story! ‎· Victory through semantics
If you directly understand the intent of Visitors on your site, you can better understand the causes for success or failure on your site. ‎· Victory through semantics
So, your first insight is realizing which position to bid for your top keywords to ensure the optimal number of clicks. But, who cares about clicks? The web Analytics 2.0 ninja cares about adding business value! ‎· Victory through semantics
I want to stress here that you never convince decision makers to take you seriously without showing impact. ‎· Victory through semantics
The amazing thing is that the developer only has to encode the video player on the website once, and with that, all movies played become trackable. There is no need to encode all 2,500 movies on the site (well, not unless you like pain!). ‎· Victory through semantics
We rarely accept that a slightly imperfect answer in 15 seconds is better than the perfect answer in 2 days. ‎· Victory through semantics
Because we have plenty of data, we jump into reporting Visits and Time and Returns. But only we care about those metrics. Our bosses, however, care about something far simpler: what has the Web done for me today? ‎· Victory through semantics
On the Web, many businesses believe that every Visit is an opportunity to convert. The reality is that just like few people will propose marriage on the first date, most people wait until they’ve had a few more dates. ‎· Victory through semantics
You’ll be happy. Most people who do web analytics are sad and frustrated because they are hyperfocused on a small area with way more data than they could ever churn through. By expanding your measurement horizon and seeking insights from a broader area, you’ll know what to do with all this data. That means you’ll smile a lot more, because you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment from your job. Happiness is good. ‎· Victory through semantics
It is criminal to simply focus on one job for your website and ignore the Micro conversions. It is an offense of the highest order if you don’t compute the complete economic value that your website adds. ‎· Victory through semantics
We tend to start by saying, “I want to test different colors of the home page” or “We should swap this image with text.” notice what’s missing? any semblance of intent. The golden rule is, always start with a hypothesis, not test details or test scenarios. Ask your client: “What is your hypothesis?” ‎· Victory through semantics
The oldest lesson an analysis ninja learns: actionable insights don’t come from static reports; they come from segmented data. ‎· Victory through semantics
With a precision mental model, you know where every shot is likely to land and how far it might be from your goal. Presenting that approach to senior decision makers will translate into driving faster actions and achieving predictable impact for our outcomes. ‎· Victory through semantics
Create an action dashboard. It involves a radical redesign of a dashboard and an intense focus away from reporting the numbers to reporting insights, impact, and actions. ‎· Victory through semantics
By integrating an intelligent tool or engine into your website-serving platform, you can use data from your customers to optimize their customer experience. This could be as simple as switching the main images on the home page based on the search query, banner ad, or social media link the visitor came on. ‎· Victory through semantics
You analyze the gap (days) between visits by the Visitors acquired through the campaign 30 days after the campaign expires (or after the Visitor signs up). ‎· Victory through semantics
The other perspective is that your entire existence is geared toward driving action. You must think, stress test, and be smart about the math you do. Computers and calculators are cheap, but they do not provide the insight required to drive action. ‎· Victory through semantics
The core idea is to try a targeted approach so that you can correlate the data to your offline data sources and detect a signal (impact). By isolating your approach to different states that are far from each other, you isolate pollutants to your data (things beyond your control that might give you suboptimal results). ‎· Victory through semantics
In this book I have already covered the important intangibles of analytics, such as being comfortable with incomplete data, truly embracing multiplicity, accepting that a perfect answer never exists, and realizing change is the only constant on the Web. ‎· Victory through semantics
This is all so sad because web analytics is like Angelina Jolie: it’s sexy, it kicks butt, and it is a goodwill ambassador! ‎· Victory through semantics
Human beings seem to think anything over 75 percent is great. So, maybe we should not use percentages. ‎· Victory through semantics
ох, дочитал наконец. очень годная книга :) и очень не хватает summary к ней, за выходные подумаю, что можно с этим сделать ‎· Victory through semantics