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EPIC LACK OF FINE. Надо запомнить. http://www.the-editing-room.com/gravity.html
почти так же хорошо, как tvtropes. про Oblivion: TOM and OLGA return to the CRASH SITE where OLGA finds her FLIGHT RECORDER and TOM finds a RIFLE BUTT TO THE FACE. ‎· Victory through semantics
A DRONE arrives and SHOOTS ANDREA, but she dies OFFSCREEN so as to be properly LADYLIKE. ‎· Victory through semantics
TOM jams OTHER TOM'S HEAD into his CROTCH and SQUEEZES, instantly turning the movie into the MOST EXPENSIVE AUTOEROTIC ASPHYXIATION VIDEO of ALL TIME. OTHER TOM passes out and TOM ties him up! ‎· Victory through semantics
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