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We can decide that a reward is rewarding or unrewarding, and it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy to drive a certain type of behavior.
// Charles Duhigg ‎· Victory through semantics
When you start talking about animals, you take free will out of the equation. Humans have the ability to choose how they analyze rewards. A rat will enjoy chocolate every time you give it chocolate. A human can convince itself not to enjoy chocolate. ‎· Victory through semantics
You have to change your mindset: you become an observer of yourself without making judgements. People judge themselves for failing experiments, but actually they make valuable discoveries, they've just run an experiment with a negative result. ‎· Victory through semantics
A habit feels so good and effortless because you don't have to make a choice. ‎· Victory through semantics
I think that I will be successful if I do something that I feel is genuinely creative, new and important and it seems a true expression of me. I think it's about finding that honest core, working hard to figure out what it is and to share it. There are so many things that distract you from it, but I think it's very true. ‎· Victory through semantics
Words to a younger self: indulge your obsessive-compulsive disorder. People who are successful are not ashamed to say, I'm super passionate and interested in X and I'm going to indulge that. ‎· Victory through semantics