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Early morning grogginess is a result of melatonin dissipating two hours after waking, not while we’re still asleep. • http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/elements/2013/12/scienc...
If we could just synchronize our sleep more closely with natural light patterns, it would become far easier to wake up. ‎· Victory through semantics
...Now the melatonin levels increased around sunset—and decreased just after sunrise, an average of fifty minutes before wake-up time. In other words, not only did the time outside, in the absence of artificial light and alarm clocks, make it easier for people to fall asleep, it made it easier for them to wake up: the subjects’ sleep rhythms would start preparing for wake-up just after sunrise, so that by the time they got up, they were far more awake than they would have otherwise been. The sleep inertia was largely gone. ‎· Victory through semantics
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