There is something magical about fishing lures. I don't fish all that often, but I can spend hours looking at them in the hardware store.
Her: Well, you ARE a Pisces. Me: Ooh, shiny! ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 6
Don’t feel bad, they are designed first and foremost to catch the apple of the fisher’s eye. ‎· Micah ‎· 5
The first Incredibles movie was 13 years ago? How is this possible?
Why I choose to live in BC.
That is all. ‎· Ken Morley
I wish I could find more plant breeding opportunities out there. The ones I can find are near Guelph. ‎· Spidra Webster
Jansen: "Honey, I'm going to retire and build critters on the beach of bamboo and cloth." Mrs. Jansen: "Hahaha, LFYA!"
They're so graceful! ‎· Eivind ‎· 1
Incredible. I thought they were cgi at first. How does he get them to stop? ‎· MoTO Babycakes
@barrywynn: Several of them seem to be pulling a handle. If not, I'm sure a decent tackle would take them down :) ‎· Eivind ‎· 2
They stop when the sea breeze dies out. ‎· TODO: feathers ‎· 2
And henceforth the day after Thanksgiving shall be known as Amateur Science Day.
But want I really want to know is... is the leaf blower connected to the blue bucket, and if so, why? ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 2
Love me some Faraday. ‎· Meg Vmeg
My MIL laughs whenever she sees me ironing (not very often). The thought of a man ironing his own shirts is just extremely funny to her.
She saw me using a sewing machine once, and I thought she was going to hurt herself. ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 2
My dad ironed all his own shirts. ‎· Meg Vmeg ‎· 2
I haven't been to Long Beach in 40 years. I'm encouraged to see people are still constructing driftwood shelters on the beach.
Long white beard, check... driftwood hermitage, check... now all I need is some good wisdom to impart. Any suggestions? I may need to reread some Tom Robbins. ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 2
Siri just autocorrected "live edge" to "lie bitch" in a quick text to a potential customer. I may not get her business.
oh ‎· MoTO Babycakes
The text was referring to a table she wanted me to make with a natural wood edge. ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 2
One annoying thing about my kids growing up, is that I look weird going to Disney films by myself.
Advantage is that no one ever sits in the seat next to me. ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 2
Replacing plugs and wires in my 98 Saturn SL1: $35.35. Having plugs changed in my 08 Hyundai Santa Fe: $605.70.
Granted, the Santa Fe has 2 more plugs. ‎· Ken Morley
How many miles on the Saturn? ‎· Meg Vmeg
It only had about 200,000 km (124,000 miles) when I got rid of it. It was a great little car... so easy to work on. ‎· Ken Morley
Aw, I hoped you still had it. Our 1996 SL1 got to 150k or so. The absolute best. ‎· Meg Vmeg ‎· 1
It's clearing up

*jealous* ‎· bentley ‎· 1
You can tell I'm in Canada by the Robertson screws in the sign. ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 4
Ken, it was literally the first thing I noticed. ‎· Micah ‎· 1
“I don’t have any regrets,” Mr Hughes told the BBC. “I even have a tattoo saying ‘no regrets,’ that’s the type of person I am.”
The Hoover swimmer, right? ‎· Halil
Sorry. . ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 1
Jesus Christ! I must be looking really feeble. Was just renewing my auto insurance, and the agent explained to me how she'd lifted the corner of the sticker, so it would be easy for me to get off the backing, and also how to apply it to my license plate.
I wanted to show her how many pull-ups I can do. ‎· Ken Morley
@kjmorley: You mean push-ups :-) ‎· bentley ‎· 2
lmao. Me: "Well, go on—those other three corners aren't gonna lift themselves." ‎· Micah ‎· 5
@bentleywg Exactly! :) ‎· Ken Morley
Amazon's new warehouse bot may need some fine-tuning.
However, it has great comedic timing. ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 2
bizim mahalleden galiba. anasını zikti ortalığın ‎· dopermen ‎· 1
Hi boys & girls!
Near Kelowna. ‎· Ken Morley ‎· 2
Looks like a character coming out of Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas :-D ‎· Brixie ‎· 8
Reminds me of one of the characters from Sifl & Olly ‎· Mr. Noodle ‎· 1
#eclipse ‎· 9000
I'm disappointed. I wanted to try this.
TLDR: Seems like a good idea, but it would likely ruin your truck's suspension. ‎· Ken Morley :) is that other kid in a manhole? :o ‎· Halil
My first floating shelf
It looks like a real beam. ‎· Ken Morley
adami ottururum ‎· nabuda
That escalated quickly.
What? ‎· MoTO Babycakes ‎· 1
Yeah, what did I miss? YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT. ‎· Meg Vmeg ‎· 2
me too ‎· bentley ‎· 1
The rhetoric between Trump and Kim Jong-un. Is this real life? ‎· Ken Morley
aaawww poor thing! <3 ‎· grizabella
"where is the money, Tedowski?! ‎· лошадиное торнадо ‎· " ahahahaha! ‎· grizabella ‎· 1
"I'm really not qualified to have an opinion on that," said no one ever.
So, this would apply to impeachment too, right?
Whether the margin is 51 or 60 doesn't matter much if your legislation struggles to get even 49 votes. ‎· John B. ‎· 3
When finished with tung oil, the results are totally different. It really highlights the different tones in the cedar!