Is #halfface super-flattering or are Mokumites just highly attractive?
Maybe your brain mirrors the half and makes a super symmetric image? (if they're vertically divided halves) :) ‎· Eivind
You may be on to something. More investigation is in order. :) ‎· Ken Morley
Yes. ‎· Steven Perez
you people are weird. ‎· MoTO Babycakes ‎· 1
why not both? ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ? ‎· 1
I was wondering if that was a site bug ‎· Eric B
Actual mirroring of a half tends to look weird, though. I guess the brain doesn't believe in perfect symmetry, so it must add a minimum amount of asymmetry to the reconstructed mental image :) ‎· Eivind
I was wondering if that was a site bug ‎- Eric B ahahahaha ‎· Yerdeniz Balıkçısı
or maybe both? ‎· silpol