Not sure how much I'd use it, but my sciency side wants a Hario Syphon Coffee Maker with a halogen beam heater!
I don't understand it, but I want it. ‎- Eivind
^ Brilliant! Thanks for this link! I'm definitely going to try this. ‎- Ken Morley
I'm working with Eivind at his project bench. No clue, but excited! ‎- SAM
Dammit, now I want one, too. ‎- laura x
I own one. I use it on a special occasions only but it is supercool. You could make tea as well. Cheap versions are available on AliExpress ‎- Blackbird
That must be a spaceship. How far you can go with it. Or may be a kind of time machine :) ‎- zorba
@ZORBA Yes, but unfortunately works just for coffee, so was really only useful during the great coffee shortage of 1987. ‎- Ken Morley