Photogrammetry and Virtual Tourism -
"In order to capture these scenes, the team took a series of images of the space in a way to maximize parallax in between pictures and then uses those images to calculate the distance between points and create depth. For more complex shapes and details, like chairs and the TV, the team takes shots from multiple angles around its depth." ‎· Ken Morley
"The whole capture process, Eskofier says, takes about two hours. Then those images are fed into’s custom algorithm where they are processed. All in all, the process takes a couple days for a single scene but the result, when done correctly, is the amazingly photorealistic scene that I experienced." ‎· Ken Morley
The level of detail captured is quite impressive. ‎· Ken Morley
I've gotten lots of Twitter ads searching for "online tourism influencers lately." And here they are. ‎· Eivind
"" -- Right now, that is a mix-up in the article, it's not our own algorithm yet - we're using a mix of different high-end tools in our workflow. ‎· silpol