Going through old photographs with family recently, and came across this one of me in 1965. This clears up the mystery of why my sisters named me "Legs-Eleven." I kind of looked like a big eleven in human form. :)
Incidentally, this was taken at the site of the Hope-Princeton rock slide, where half a mountain came down in January 1965. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_Slide ‎- Ken Morley
In Honduras there's a saying that you're taking Bus #11 when it means you're walking to get somewhere. ‎- orgmonkey
in turkish there is another saying like 'open your compass-es' 'pergelleri aç' when you want someone to speed up-to take longer steps:) ‎- aralık
^ cool. ‎- orgmonkey
@aralik: o_O ‎- magnafantagna
Bus #11, I'll be using that. @aralik I get it... makes total sense :) http://previews.123rf.com/images/awesleyfloyd/awesleyfloyd120... ‎- Ken Morley
Happily, the growth of my upper body caught up with my legs at some point. ‎- Ken Morley
:)) ‎- aralık