Seinfeld moment: My regular barber (for 10+ years) was at lunch, and I received a superior haircut from the substitute. So now do I choose vanity or loyalty going forward? ;)
At 60+, my variance on the sharp-dressed-manness scale is hardly measurable, so I think I may need to choose loyalty. :) ‎- Ken Morley
Loyalty's value is hard to measure; but so is a tight cut. ‎- Micah
You pay for a service, so choose the best service. Do you have a better price for being loyal? ‎- Selkis
No loyalty discount. Not even a five-head discount. :( ‎- Ken Morley
... but in 4 years a seniors discount. Booyah! ‎- Ken Morley
vanity. definitely. ‎- grizabella
Comfort over vanity or loyalty. ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
So, if for him you're just a customer, forget the loyalty and choose the best service :) ‎- Selkis
choose lunch hours ^^ ‎- aralık
Do what whatever aligns with your values. ‎- Benny Bucko
I'm good with loyalty. ‎- MoTO Babycakes
Yeah, loyalty wins. :) ‎- Ken Morley