How is Italy #5, when every second person is smoking a cigarette?
I don't smoke. :D ‎· did
Neither do I, and most of my friends don't. And just two persons in my family do. ‎· MayaBastanza
I don't as well, nor any of my family (which is quite big). ‎· Haukr
Plus, we live longer thanks to our great food :) (San Marino is also *inside* Italy, and it's third!) ‎· MayaBastanza
I don't as well: all my family (4 people) is no-smoking ‎· tokyoblues
The other half is chugging "healthy plant oils" and live to be, like, 150. ‎· Eivind
Actually only 20% of Italians are smokers. That's below the European average ‎· Selkis
@selkis: Pretty sure Japan is a big smoker, though, and they're winning. Sushi, hard liquor and cigarettes will keep you alive. ‎· Eivind
@eivind: And genetics. I think you have to consider A LOT of variables. ‎· Selkis
bad food kills more than smoke ‎· sapu
@selkis: *grumbles* ‎· Eivind
Genetics play a role, for sure. Food of course either. As for smoke I think we can agree that smoking kills those who were meant to be killed by smoke (genetics, once more), but not all of them are actually smokers. ‎· sooshee
@sooshee For example, if you're burned at the stake technically you're killed by smoke, even if you've never been a smoker. ‎· Selkis
@selkis that's quite a good point. ‎· sooshee
too many taxes in italy on cigarets to be a smoker. ‎· tøzzïllæ
Maybe just Florence? Could be they are all tourists. ‎· Ken Morley
life expectancy is dominated by cardio circulatory diseases, my guess is that good climate, good food and a quite good healthcare offset every damage done by smoking ‎· dasnake
(according to this italy is a factor 1.4x more than US) ‎· dasnake
I don't smoke, but I was told to smoke, eat, and drink what I like, they said me that speaking english is apparently what kills people. ‎· StefanoHBS nucleare
To be fair, it was mainly Rome and Florence. Much less noticeable in the other cities we've visited. ‎· Ken Morley