I'm in a well. #HarukiMurakami
یهو یاد گیم او ترونز افتادم :دی ‎- میر آق دایی آرش جونی ®© ™
orvieto <3 ‎- inconsolabilmente Lucretia
San patrizio! ‎- did
Hello, Mr Wind-up bird! ‎- Jenny H.
What's that, Lassie? Kenny fell down a well? ‎- bentley
It was very cool and quiet at the bottom. :) ‎- Ken Morley
@kjmorley Apologies if I missed this, but how long are you in Italy? Where/what's remaining? ‎- Meg Vmeg
@megvmeg 6 more days in Sicily, then on to Salerno and the Amalfi coast for 3 or 4 days before heading home (via Paris :) ‎- Ken Morley
@kjmorley HOLY CRAP I AM SO INSANELY JEALOUS. I love Sicily unreasonably. And the Amalfi coast, of course, even though the long bus ride along the cliffs made me puke. SO JEALOUS. Have all the fun! ‎- Meg Vmeg
@megvmeg Thanks for the info about bus ride. I'm trying to convince others to do the coast by boat, but they are worried about a similar reaction to rough water. This will help my case! :) ‎- Ken Morley
@kjmorley Oh, I definitely would have puked on a boat. Amalfi is great for puking, apparently. ‎- Meg Vmeg
@megvmeg the consensus is to hire a car one way and take the ferry back, so I think some puking is assured. ‎- Ken Morley