View from Teatro antico di Taormina, an ancient Greek theatre in Taormina, built in the third century BC.
we ate dinner in a restaurant called Pizzeria Vecchia Taormina. the service was right and the staff were lovely. tried pizza and pasta, both were good. it's a bit hard to find the place, but here is the link ‎· korkamil
Thanks @korkamil, I'll keep it in mind. We found a great little place just up the street from where we are staying. The grouper pasta dish was excellent, and the cannolo!! ‎· Ken Morley
"Taormina flourished most of all under Rome. Having supported the Romans during the Second Punic War at the end of the third century BC, Taormina received privileged treatment, being granted particular tax exemptions. The resources of the city could thus be used for its own internal development. Later, in 36 BC, Octavianus made Taormina a Roman colony, thus assigning it the highest rank which only very few cities in Sicily ever earned." ‎· Ken Morley
@eivind: +1 ‎· korkamil