I'm not sure what-the-hell this is I bought, but it's not coffee. #anidiotabroad
Nope. It's barley ‎· did
you can add it to a cup of warm milk in the morning, and have breakfast with some "biscotti" dipped in it :) ‎· Brixie
It's a subsitute for coffee, in Italy it became popular during World War II, when people couldn't afford real coffee. I'ts not bad but... it's not coffee :-D ‎· Selkis
non è quello solubile, è quello per la moka ‎· ellofizgherard
Ok, I guess it's an acquired taste, or I made it wrong. I put it in the expresso machine. :) ‎· Ken Morley
it's not coffee, it's barley. ‎· Batchiara
everytime you drink a barley coffee, a beer dies ‎· ostelinus
@batchiara Ah, thanks for that! I need to try it again with milk. ‎· Ken Morley
ahahahahah :) ‎· MisterQ
barley coffee is the coffee for hipsters, children and fighe di legno (I can't translate it but maybe my friends could help me). In particular if you ask for a barley coffee in a bar, you should try to bother the barman as much as you can "please give me a mild barley coffe in a big bowl with soya milk on the side and a couple of biscuits made by nuns in a full moon night". Or this is how I usually see people do. ‎· Batchiara
@batchiara <3 ‎· MisterQ
<3 ‎· Batchiara
@batchiara hahaha, the barman is already annoyed enough at my (North) American lack of etiquette. :) ‎· Ken Morley
oh,this is the best thing ever. second best thing after correctly brewed loose-leaf tea. it's not tea (novelty and lower acidity), it's taste corresponds to it's smell (unlike most kinds of coffee). and it doesn't have caffeine in it. so you can drink it by liter mugs without messing up your cardiovascular system — take caffeine in pills as required. cream complements it nicely, some like it with ice. ‎· kmbnrn
There is a sort of American equivalent, known as Postum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postum ‎· April