I'm not sure what-the-hell this is I bought, but it's not peanut butter. #anidiotabroad
It has a pleasant, sweet cinnamon flavour, though, once you realize it's not peanut butter. ‎- Ken Morley
it's cookies butter made of speculoos, that are in fact cinnamon cookies :) ‎- Brixie
The biscuits on the label should have been my first clue. :) ‎- Ken Morley
So now after your Italian tour you're in France? (Speculoos are gross, in France they do EVERYTHING with them, even the tiramisu, which for an Italian sounds - and tastes- like nothing but an aberration) ‎- MayaBastanza
@MayaBastanza Yes, in Paris now for 6 days. Was sorry to leave Italy, but am drowning my sorrows with wine and cheese on the banks of the Seine. :) ‎- Ken Morley
That's lovely in these days, I know :) (at last! We had a kind of autumn until last week, you got there at the right time!) ‎- MayaBastanza
I heard the weather was miserable before we arrived. Also weather at home has been bad, so we were very lucky with timing. ‎- Ken Morley
I like speculoos, but tiramisu made from speculoos just sounds wrong. ‎- John B.
@dendroica Bravo! Ci sono delle regole #cisonodelleregole ‎- MisterQ