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The Resurrection of Joseph Brodsky: Mikhail Baryshnikov’s new “anti-ballet.” http://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2015/12/01/the-resurrectio...
«“Riga is becoming like a Hong Kong for Russian culture,” Hermanis said. Over the past few years, several prominent Russian journalists and artists have emmigrated to the Baltic country to escape state censorship at home. There’s always a stir when Baryshnikov comes to town—the Latvian press laps up the “prodigal-son motif, the return-home motif, the ancestral-roots motif,” as Joan Acocella put it in her 1998 account of Baryshnikov’s first trip back to his hometown since his defection. Back then, Baryshnikov didn’t harbor any affection for the city. (“The minute I stepped again on Latvian land, I realized this was never my home. My heart didn’t even skip one beat,” he told Acocella, describing his Russian parents as “occupiers.”) In the intervening years, something seems to have changed. This summer, his personal art collection was exhibited as part of the cultural program of Latvia’s presidency of the European Union, and Baryshnikov described himself as a “Russian Latvian” in a recent interview with a Riga magazine.» ‎· Faruk Ahmet
For balance, the top post from r/LatvianJokes: Row, row, row boat, Gently down stream, Pain, anguish, rape, malnourish, Potato only dream. ‎· Faruk Ahmet
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