« Onfim was a boy who lived in Novgorod, Russia, in the 13th century. He left his notes and homework exercises scratched in soft birch bark which was preserved in the clay soil of Novgorod. Onfim, who was six or seven at the time, wrote in Old Novgorodian; besides letters and syllables, he drew "battle scenes and drawings of himself and his teacher". » https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onfim
« Onfim was being taught to write, but he was obviously restless with his lessons and when he could get away with it, he intermixed his assignments with doodlings. In this first example, he started to write out the first eleven letters of the alphabet in the upper right corner, but got bored and drew a picture of himself as a grown-up warrior impaling an enemy with his spear. To remove any doubt about the identity of the warrior, he even labeled the person on the horse as "Onfim." Fantasies of becoming a mighty warrior were not the only things that Onfim thought up though. In another example, he took the piece of bark that he was practicing on (left), turned it over (right), and drew a picture of himself disguised as a wild beast (which he identified by writing "I am a wild beast" [Ia zver'] over it). The beast, with its long tongue (or fiery breath), is apparently still a friendly beast as it is carrying a sign that reads "Greetings from Onfim to Danilo" [Poklon ot Onfima ko Danile]. Danilo (i.e., Daniel) was probably a friend, perhaps even a schoolmate sitting next to Onfim. Onfim liked to draw people and while his artistic aptitude may have been lacking, he was prolific. » http://www.goldschp.net/SIG/onfim/onfim.html ‎· Faruk Ahmet
Pictures from the National Museum in Novgorod https://www.flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/sets/72057594114359895/ ‎· Faruk Ahmet
Ejderha eğiten çocuk gibi :)) ‎· sevinç
Wiki'de "beast", diğer sayfada "wild beast" diye çevirmişler ama ilk karşılaştığım yerde direkt "I'm a dragon, roar!" diye çevirmişlerdi. Hem daha şirin, hem hayvanın ağzında ateş de var, o çeviriyi kabul ediyorum o yüzden :) ‎· Faruk Ahmet