Destruction of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius, Animated
« There's a couple of incorrect parts to the video. The earthquakes a couple of years before had caused massive damage to the town (you can still see buildings buried at Pompeii that were in the process of being repaired when the volcano erupted). Due to this many of the townsfolk left when the earthquakes began. There were many pyroclastic flows prior to the really destructive ones that buried the town. One is shown at 1am, this is likely one of the pyroclastic surges that destroyed Herculaneum (a seaside port, the people of the town were at the docks waiting on rescue from the likes of Pliny the Elder when it hit, the heat boiled their brains in their skulls but also burnt their flesh off, so no casts of their bodies could be recovered, only skeletons). Around this time many Pyroclastic surges also went towards Pomepeii, due to its distance from the volcano these ran out of power or were diverted by the river and wall system at that end of town. However some of the extremely hot toxic gas from these likely got into the town and started choking anybody left (older historians thought it was only the old or injured who stayed, however recent evidence from Dr Lazer suggest otherwise. Who knows why they stayed... there's many theories). Finally a series of pyroclastic surges rolled over the town, the heat was not quite so extreme as in Herculaneum and so many of the bodies were left intact and were simply buried under ash fall and the pyroclastic flows (slower than surges, more like a superheated mudslide). Most common cause of death in Pompeii seems to be choking from the toxic/extremely hot gasses, whereas in Herculaneum it was hot enough to vaporize flesh. It's because their bodies remained after the surge cooled and solidified that we get the amazing hollows where their bodies were, once filled with plaster we can take the sometimes incredibly detailed casts. » ‎· Faruk Ahmet
Pyroclastic Flow (video): "The first breath... vaporizes the internal organs" ‎· Faruk Ahmet
The first breath... vaporizes the internal organs <= abav O_O ‎· Kickdrum
tırstım çok fena. sönmüş de olsa bir yanardağın (hasan dağı) dibinde yaşıyorum- zaman zaman. ‎· lairocse