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All'inizio di questo video c'è un altro che dice quasi la stessa cosa: http://video.repubblica.it/mondo/brexit-lo-shock-dei-londines... Sti dementi. :D ‎· Rubber Soul
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Level 1 di coglionaggine: fare una coglionata: Level 2 di coglionaggine: fare una coglionata, guardarsi allo specchio e darsi del coglione; fare una coglionata, farsi intervistare e ammettere a malincuore di aver fatto una coglionata FATALITY ‎· sapu
Man Who Voted For Brexit Is 'A Bit Shocked' His Vote Counted, Is Now 'Worried': http://theslot.jezebel.com/man-who-voted-for-brexit-is-a-bit-... ‎· Rubber Soul
Leave voter 'disappointed' and wishes to vote remain: http://www.itv.com/news/update/2016-06-24/leave-voter-disappo... ‎· Rubber Soul
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(The Borowitz Report)—Across the United Kingdom on Friday, Britons mourned their long-cherished right to claim that Americans were significantly dumber than they are.       Luxuriating in the superiority of their intellect over Americans’ has long been a favorite pastime in Britain, surpassing in popularity such games as cricket, darts, and snooker.        But, according to Alistair Dorrinson, a pub owner in North London, British voters have done irreparable damage to the “most enjoyable sport this nation has ever known: namely, treating Americans like idiots.”          “When our countrymen cast their votes yesterday, they didn’t realize they were destroying the most precious leisure activity this nation has ever known,” he said. “Wankers.”     Ecc ecc ‎· StefanoHBS nucleare
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