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[bici, hipster, fotocarine] - L'EROICA "Words and Images: Jered Gruber and Ashley GruberIt’s a head-scratcher. L’Eroica is a cycling event that turns its back on the modern and opens its arms wide to the welcoming embrace of steel bikes, hard and few gears, narrow tires, wool jerseys, toe clips, and hairnet helmets. L’Eroica was first run in 1997 as a protest of sorts against the inexorable tide of progress, represented in this case by the paving of Chianti’s innumerable dirt roads. Dirt is a relative term for the road surfaces here – some are in pristine, hard-packed, almost pavement-like condition; while others are rough, strewn with large rocks, prone to tire sucking sands, and are altogether violent, unforgiving stretches of “road.” So, strade bianche seems more accurate – white roads. With so many different possibilities on each stretch of road, the only thing they all have in common is their sun-blasted whiteness. Since the first edition 18 years ago, L’Eroica has gone from what basically amounted to a throwback group ride to a worldwide “thing” that continues to grow (thankfully) unabated. There’s plenty of room in cycling for a day to celebrate days gone by: a day where old becomes new again." http://stories.strava.com/leroica#post-content
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