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just took a survey from Lexis Nexis on how our "transition" to Nexis Uni went. Since we haven't actually transitioned due to a lack of needed information, that's all I commented on in the survey. #hotmessnexis
Thank you for reminding me of our hashtag: ‎· Stephen Francoeur
Yes, if you're seeing a sign-in page, it's an IP issue. Evem with the hot mess, we decided to remove our link to the old interface and just provide Uni. I'm sort of grateful to Nexis Uni for forcing us to finally adopt EZproxy... ‎· Jiffy Kurls
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Anyone else having Springshare issues? Admin and public sides are both down for us...
yep, got a 500 internal server error on the public side ‎· ellbeecee
They've been tweeting updates for the past hour-ish ... should have just re-started. ‎· LisaLibrarian
yup, we just got back in. I wasn't seeing updates in their twitter feed, only funny stuff until about 10 minutes ago, though ‎· Courtney F
Sorry - you are right. I get them as alerts and hadn't checked my phone for awhile and they were mixed in with a bunch of older alerts. ‎· LisaLibrarian
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Can anyone tell me when went away? It's down, but I never received a notification that it was going away...
no DNS entry found -- either their hosting expired, their domain expired, or they deleted their DNS entry ‎· awd
so it's gone. but this was the site that the login information from the 7th (?) edition worked on. As I said - there was no notice that I received that it was going away... ‎· Courtney F
their whois information looks reasonably current so i'm betting that their hosting expired. looks like it might be in the amazon cloud ... ‎· henry
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Received a request from a library student to visit a library with dedicated e-resources personnel so he can "discuss, take pictures/video, and detail the overall ER processes and workflow". Video? Of what? Not me, I hope!
maybe sorta ethnographic? but weird? ‎· Christina Pikas
Maybe they can get a student travel grant to go to ER&L ‎· Galadriel
I bet he thinks he's onto a cool project and doesn't realize he's liable to end up with a bunch of pictures of people sitting at desks, frowning into a computer screen. ‎· kaijsa ‎· 7
Doesn't sound like what he's talking about but screen captures might make sense. ‎· Deborah Fitchett
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so.... anyone ever tried to do research on the Church of Scientology? I can't imagine there's much they've allowed out? Specifically a student wants to research "the topic of "fair game" within the Church of Scientology"
Interesting! I've never had anyone researching this before. I threw it into Summon and only came back with 7 results. I wonder if LexisNexis might be good as most articles I've found are focused on litigation? ‎· jsholman ‎· 1
There is a WIkipedia article on Fair Game that might provide one useful starting point. (It's got lots of links to related information. As with any online source, and particularly with online sources with complex, semi-anonymous authorship, engage your critical reading and evaluation accordingly: ‎· John Mark Ockerbloom
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new question about that EBSCO error message! Has anyone ever successfully corrected the info and found the article using that particular screen? I'm going to make some suggestions for how they should make that screen more useful, but I wanted to know if anyone's ever succeeded with it first.
i think I have, but I don't remember the details. ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn
This interface looks at least 10 years old. I doubt they have touched it for a while. ‎· Aarontay
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has anyone else noticed that in the new Primo interface you can't actually sign out? Once you sign in, there's a sign out link, but I can't get it to actually sign me out.
Cues Hotel California.... ‎· jsholman ‎· 5
Yes it works. It remains signed out. ‎· Aarontay
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E-resources libs (and others) - do you have a database or resource request form? if so, can you share it with me? Screenshots are cool if a link's not an option. My email is courtney.fuson[at]
We don't have any forms - but bumping this up in case others do. ‎· jsholman
(I uh. Tweet our acq librarian. I realize this is not a normal or sustainable workflow!) ‎· LibSkrat ‎· 1
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Today's research appointment says she has two possible topics for her master's thesis. Topic 1 - how to incentivize businesses to offer job placement to women being released from prison. Topic 2 - how to get individuals on a team to perform at their best most efficiently and effectively. When she contacted me a couple weeks ago, the only topic was the first one. This should be interesting.
bless her heart. ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn ‎· 3
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Apparently The Collective learned something last year.... this year's advertising email was "Looking for something different?" (see
*hugs the entire LSW* ‎· LibSkrat ‎· 3
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Fellow e-resources and/or serials librarians! we have a volunteer with some data analysis skills and we'd like to have her look at our big deal journal packages to see if they're worth it. However! I don't even know where to start - anyone got a project plan or article or something like that that I can borrow to get us started?
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In case you're wondering why I've been scarce, it has to do with the arrival of this fellow. He arrived on January 20 at 8:17pm, 7lb 10 oz, 20 in long. We're doing fine, but it's an adjustment :)
Wow! Well done, you. And hi there, new human! Welcome to the planet. ‎· Catherine ‎· 2
Welcome, baby! ‎· laura x
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Anyone else get an email from The IP Registry?
so if i got both a receipt confirmation and an undeliverable notice.... did the email get sent or not?
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Anyone got ideas for sources and/or search terms for this: "Research question is based on the quality of professional/high end makeup products and if they are worth the price that you pay for them."
very interesting. So many moons ago I was researching in cosmetics for someone who was actually making the cosmesis part of a prosthetic limb... there were, at the time, very technical chemistry journals (like the food science ones)... so maybe try a chemistry/chemical engineering source? and look for what (substrate?) ingredients are substituted for cost savings? Then look at studies of effectiveness? I used DIALOG at the time so not an option now. if I get a chance I'll play with some searches ‎· Christina Pikas
(Today I Learned the word "cosmesis".) ‎· bentley
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Tell me about your repository policies, please. We are starting our institutional repository and are looking for policy and workflow guidance of all kinds....
we are using the LEADIR workbook from MIT - ‎· Courtney F
@libskrat - not my call to make, and it's too late for that anyway. it's started, and admin knows about it. @deborahfitchett and @kaijsa thanks! I think this is really more of our goal - we are definitely understaffed (in so many areas), but we want to be ahead of things like this so that if it does work, we can point to it and expand as necessary. That's why we're focusing more on student projects (theses & research projects, etc) to start, since there's a clear set of stuff there and we can practice on them without having the long-term institutional memory problems that might result otherwise, I think our campus resembles @kaijsa's - OA is just starting to be a term people know here. ‎· Courtney F ‎· 1
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Dear Vendor. Please don't email ME asking for an update on a trial and to be looped back into a conversation that your colleagues started. Please email THEM. *sigh*
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This week I learned that, because we do not subscribe to Web of Science, no one at Thomson Reuters can provide us with any kind of usage information for our separate EndNote subscription.
huh. did EndNote go to Clarivate along with WoS? ‎· LibSkrat
I could never get endnote usage statistics (at two institutions) and yes we subscribe to web of science. ‎· Aarontay
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seriously, vendor? you want me to participate in a webinar on your product and you can't even bother looking up what majors we have? and then you think that my actual research question about how Disney/Pixar films are beneficial to kids with an emphasis on diversity of characters is "oddly specific"? if you hadn't read off the list of other schools you (presumably) work with in TN, i'd think you were new here
I never fail to be shocked at how many vendors think it's okay to hire clueless people into sales and never train them. Happens in tech too! ‎· LibSkrat ‎· 1
This supports my theory that good reps are the most important factor in library-vendor relations. Our Elsevier reps are mostly wonderful to work with, regardless of how we feel about corporate policies. schmebso keeps switching our people and we have to work with so many of them that it becomes fraught with difficulty. ‎· kaijsa
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Fellow e-resources librarians.... does anyone have a workflow(s) that they're willing to share? We've transitioned to Alma and had some staff transitions, so I'd like to have some ideas of what a workflow looks like so we can actually have one.... thanks!
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Dear adjunct professor who apparently told his students to use Google Scholar and then email me asking for access to their articles, Please stop! No love, Me. (I'm hoping that I can clear it up for him (for future classes) and the students (for now!) when I talk to his class tomorrow)
ohhhh nooooooooooooooooo ‎· LibSkrat
It would handy if adjuncts could be handed a your-library101 sheet with their contracts. ‎· heyther
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I welcome any ideas for help with this research question... "I am doing a presentation on the history of music in Spain with a focus on Folk music. At the moment I need to make an annotated bibliography of sources that are in Spanish. I have had no luck finding sources in Spanish on google scholar or the library website."
Something like this? "Historia de la música española. 7. El folklore musical" EDIT: I found it via a Google Scholar search for musica folklorica espanola (also try musica folclorica espanola) ‎· bentley
no worries here about plagiarism. nope. ‎· mehlib
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cold-calling me to talk about my "research platform" (defined as "the database we use for research") is not super helpful, thanks.
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Anyone got a favorite Open Access Week program/event? I know it's early, but I'm thinking about it, so I thought I'd ask :)
We did this Death of Evidence mock funeral a few years ago. It was awesome, if only the kind of thing you could do once. The lesson was that dramatic works, even if a little "off topic" in terms of a pure OA event. The last couple of years we've done faculty-introduced screenings of The Internet's Own Boy and Citizenfour, both of which were also quite successful. Not sure what we'll do this year, but you're right, it's best to start thinking early. ‎· John Dupuis
And yes, that is our head archivist piping the funeral procession into the Scott Library atrium. ‎· John Dupuis
For the last two years we've run faculty debates. This takes some organising, and may require subtle coaching of faculty to ensure they have good information about OA, and runs the risk that they'll go off on strange tangents anyway, but is lots of fun. Here's our one from last year: ‎· Deborah Fitchett
thanks! i'll look into both of those! ‎· Courtney F
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Dear Vendors, When I email you, that doesn't mean that you should call me in return. If you do call me (and alert me to a typo in my phone number), please make sure that your phone number works in return. No Love, Frustrated ER Librarian
Seriously. I recently changed my voicemail greeting to say that vendors are encouraged to email. Just when I get them all trained, there are new reps. ‎· rachelw
and now the original contact has said that he'd have the guy call me. Despite my very clear request to EMAIL ME. *sigh* ‎· Courtney F