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Concordance to the Homeric Poems
"This is a minimal concordance without any morphological analysis, providing each form of each word in the context of its line. The text is taken from that at the WikiSource site, which is in the public domain; it has been modified to normalize orthography in a few places. I prepared it because a fairly cursory search online showed nothing like it that was complete, and I wanted to have this information available for my own research. If it duplicates someone else’s efforts, I apologize." ‎· maitani
"The concordance was generated by mechanical means (who would do it by hand nowadays?) using a sequence of grep functions with Bare Bones’ BBEdit program. There are a few peculiarities in consequence. There may be an occasional bit that got by indexed oddly, due (almost certainly) to deficiencies in my own regular expression formation, though I tried to eliminate them by scrutinizing the resultant files by hand. The sorting routines, moreover, do not distinguish accents, so various similar but non-identical forms may be interleaved. In very few cases will that result in any material confusion, however." ‎· maitani
aha ‎· mastul
It would have been nice to have something like this when I read the Iliad. ‎· John B.