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"Jamie Pennebaker has been telling us for decades that the distribution of such words varies with style, register, personality, and mood. And now Jack Grieve is providing evidence that geography has a surprisingly strong influence." ‎- maitani
I am sorry but this "geolexicography" is what is called "dialectology" by the rest of the world ;) ‎- конфликтогенный креатив
It's weird that New Jersey is below average for both "and" and "but" while the rest of the country is above average for one or the other. Maybe we tweet in shorter sentences. ‎- John B.
"dialects" may sure be relevant, though geolexicography may have a greater scope (e.g. in an area with a greater importance of forests, terms for animals, plants, trees are much more used; in an urban area other terms are prevalent) ‎- Haukr
I guess dialectology covers that too. Facts of physical geography are just one determinant of local variation ‎- mentegatto
Yes, dialectology covers that just fine, but really two axes of variation are mixed here: the social variation and the geographical variation. That is, there are (presumably) more programmers in California than in Texas, so an average speaker would use programmers' jargon more often in California, than in Texas. But there ain't no such thing as an average speaker. Programmers in both regions would use about the same amount of jargon, just as non-programmers wouldn't use any, so there is no real difference. The interesting questions, then, would: how the jargon varies across the country, and how the jargon affects the common language. But both effects are much weaker than the difference between the jargon and the common language, so if you just chart your data indiscriminatedly, you won't get far with it. ‎- конфликтогенный креатив