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"I have recently plowed through the new book by Berwick & Chomsky summarizing their long held views of language. One point they never tire of mentioning is what they call language’s Basic Property, complete with capital letters: “language is a finite computational system yielding an infinity of expressions.” For the moment, I’m going to accept that claim, because the important thing to notice is not whether the definition is true or false but that it is ridiculous." ‎- maitani
What do you think of this? ‎- maitani
Recusing myself because I think pretty much everything Chomsky has ever said about language is ridiculous. *g* ‎- LibSkrat
You match the words you want to use and your intended message against a set of rules to produce a "correct" sentence in a language. Very deliberately if you don't know the language well. That's a finite computational system. I'm not qualified to weigh in on the ridiculousness of using such a definition in linguistics :) ‎- Eivind