Serious face. Since some people were discussing whether I'd lost a ton of IQ points since the closure of FriendFeed... that is up to you to decide. But I don't want to pour heart and soul into this site like I did FF. That was special.
I posted about smart streams a few days ago on the blog (as well as Medium and LinkedIn). What's happened in social overall is that the casual mainstream has won, and the intelligent sites (FriendFeed and Google Reader, etc) lost. The smart longform blogs are mostly gone, in exchange for viral videos and top ten lists. ‎· louisgray
So that's disappointing. What's interesting is that the post I made this week got 80,000 views on LinkedIn! Maybe there is something to it. But I've been too close to the death of good sites like Reader and FriendFeed to get all philosophical. ‎· louisgray
I'm still me. Still silly. And that's what FriendFeed ended up being at the end and what we started with here. But I'm still me. ‎· louisgray
You still sounded like you - just the more jocular side. I think anywhere new won't be like the old, if just because we've all changed in little ways along with the social landscape itself. I imagine that's true as you trace people's movements from much older networks as well :) ‎· Jennifer D.
I hear ya, LG. It was a special time and place. Advent of blogosphere, then the gem that was FF. ‎· Micah
The old neighbourhood is gone. But the diaspora of souls continue. ‎· Micah