So... yesterday morning, my Grandpa on my dad's side died. He was 93, and while in great health most of his life, was failing over the last two years. The death was not a surprise, and while he was a very good man, we were ready, so there is little by way of mourning.
Just after Christmas, I took Matthew (7) and we both went to visit him and my grandmother one last time. Grandpa was mostly lucid, and we spent about an hour working on getting his TV and DVD to work and show him how to use the remote to switch between both. ‎· louisgray
Remotes these days have way way too many options for 90 plus year olds who just want to rewatch the same old DVDs they have memorized. It was very frustrating, and while I was patient, my dad (probably emotional over all of it) got upset and suggested I was confusing my grandfather. It did not help. ‎· louisgray
So it was not the best visit ever, but it was something. We left when my grandfather got a phone call. He was heard to say on the phone, "They tell me I'm going to die, but I feel fine." Those were probably the last words I heard him say. ‎· louisgray
Yesterday morning, I told Matthew first, because he had gone on the trip with me. I said, "I have some bad news. Grandpa died." He took it in and paused... then responded. "Great grandpa. If Grandpa died, that would be even worse news." ‎· louisgray
I found that quite astute and it was a moment that made me smile after what's wistful news, even if not super sad. / FIN ‎· louisgray
My condolences, even if expected. I'm glad that you and Matthew got to spend that time - I think I was around his age when I got to spend some time with my great grandmother, and I've been very glad of that. ‎· Jennifer D.
As Jennifer said, I'm glad you had that time together. *hugs* ‎· New Year, Same Ol' LB!
I'm glad you both got to spend time with him. ‎· bentley
My condolences, Louis. I felt much the same about my grandparents passing. ‎· Jenny H.
Last visits and words can be so unceremonial. That's like the bulk of life though, isn't it, and it's not even a bad thing. My last significant convo with my father on his last visit at my home before he died was kind of an argument, was semi-political. But I didn't blow it up into something bigger, which I might well had done. I let it go. We parted that occasion with acceptance and calm. I took such an important lesson from that. Anyway, sorry to go on about me, but it all came rushing to mind as I read your thoughts here, Louis. Hugs to you and family. ‎· Micah
While it appears that you all were settled with him going, I give you all hugs and condolences. ‎· Bigstarlet
No hugs needed yet. I think the memorial is early March and I'll be one of the people doling out hugs. ‎· louisgray