Every few days, I check on my younger brother's Facebook feed to see if he's stuck, like flypaper, to the latest conservative rantings. Sure enough, I found him blabbing on about the Obama administration being an oligarchy, and praising the courage of local government... on the issue of transgenders using the restroom. Now I remember why he's hidden and why I shouldn't see his trash.
I've got a cousin in that position as well. Family is difficult, but with little chance of changing their views, it seems the best way to not have that stuff in my life. ‎· Jennifer D.
And my mom wonders why I have no interest in family reunions or getting together with his kids. ‎· louisgray
Family... ‎· Benny Bucko
That was why I blocked all my in-laws. ‎· April
Oy. Like a political party matters in an oligarchy? I hide a lot of relatives posts. I try not to post anything political, myself. It's not worth it. ‎· Jenny H.
Most of my extended family, too. ‎· Mr. Noodle