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Reading this article from U of Michigan Libraries got me thinking. What does web governance look like at your library? Is there a committee, working group, division, unit, focused on it? If so, who is on it? How many people? Volunteers? Elected? Named? "Establishing a Strategic Vision for Our Library’s Web Presence | U-M Library" https://www.lib.umich.edu/blogs/library-tech-talk/establishing-strategic-vision-our-library’s-web-presence


This resonates deeply with me: Over the years, the library’s web presence had become an aggregate of disparate platforms, solutions, delivery models, and technologies, accumulated over several technological eras. Not only was there an increasing amount of technical debt, the uncoordinated approach to managing the myriad of interfaces combined with the lack of cohesion of the user experience across the web presence was making everything feel disjointed and difficult to use. We recognized there was still a need for higher level strategy, policy creation, vision setting, and decision making authority for the overall web presence.

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