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Finding some problems processing the new LCSH SKOS bulk data file. Most annoyingly, any altLabel that *used* to be a prefLabel is now no longer in the file! (They've gone to a slightly different data structure for those, which they map to MADS but not to SKOS.) Fair warning to anyone else who tries to use the file-- those formerly preferred terms should very much still be shown as alternative-label cross-references, and they're also the most useful terms to check for flagging and fixing obsolete subject headings in one's catalog! (Now going off to rework my tools to use the MADS files instead of the SKOS files, grumble grumble...)


On further analysis, it looks like the MADS file is missing some authority records altogether (except for references from other records), but they didn't get dropped out of the SKOS file. So I'll have to process both files to get a mostly-complete set of data. Oh joy...

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yeesh, that sounds annoying.

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