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So O'Reilly going down because all the servers are in a fire zone... I guess they've learned nothing. Before 9/11, IEEE had 100% of their data centers, data, archives in the NYC suburbs. Now they have a western data center.


The Internet Archive didn't think to replicate itself geographically (despite that being best practice in digipres circles for at least a decade) until 45 happened.

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I'm sure I can do better, but this for now.

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@easyice - that's fantastic! Do you mind if I share it with attribution?

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@gchilton: go ahead!

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Scarlet, that is ROTFL!!!

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oh is it on twitter for me to share, too? <goes to look>

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Gives new meaning to "behind a firewall". Very common of course: Statistics New Zealand just a couple of years ago had to close their building abruptly due to earthquake and suddenly no internet access to any of their data....

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^^^^^^ I cannot stop laughing.

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in this day and age, this type of shit is unacceptable

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I have a feeling a lot of servers are vulnerable because everyone / every place is going to be affected one way or another. And as Maciej Cegłowski has pointed out, having the headquarters of major tech corps located in an active earthquake zone could cause issues, even if the servers are elsewhere.

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TIL that O'Reilly Auto Parts has the stock symbol ORLY and I have to think they've come to regret that over the years.

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