Are our NZ folks ok? @deborah?
? What happened? ‎- ellbeecee
Thank you. (Search via phone didn't turn up anything and it would have taken longer to boot laptop than ask) ‎- ellbeecee
sorry to be cryptic! ‎- Christina Pikas
Oh jeez, not again. ‎- Meg Vmeg
*crosses fingers* ‎- Kirsten
"Only minor injuries" reported so far, apparently. ‎- LibSkrat
*crosses fingers* ‎- Dani (aka ashuping)
Yeah I was holding on to a doorway shouting "Not again no no no" at the universe. (We were 8 days short of the 5-year anniversary of the really bad one.) Then I checked in with friends and family and neighbours and then I fixed the DVD shelves that had fallen over, and reshelved everything which helped soothe adrenaline. I have a bit of an emotional hangover this morning though; but other than that disheartening/traumatic sense of "Not again" it was another lucky one, most people being safely outside enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon at the time. ‎- Deborah Fitchett
whew. glad to hear it. ‎- Christina Pikas
Whew. ‎- Meg Vmeg
oh boy. Hugs, Deborah. ‎- secret agent Fister
very glad to hear! ‎- Rudibrarian
so glad you're okay, Deborah. ‎- Marianne