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Dear Vendors, When I email you, that doesn't mean that you should call me in return. If you do call me (and alert me to a typo in my phone number), please make sure that your phone number works in return. No Love, Frustrated ER Librarian
Seriously. I recently changed my voicemail greeting to say that vendors are encouraged to email. Just when I get them all trained, there are new reps. ‎· rachelw
Need a National Library Vendor No Call Registry? ‎· Disobedient Librarian
YES. Yes. YES. That would be AWESOME, says this person with ZERO PURCHASING AUTHORITY. ‎· LibSkrat
Sign me up!! ‎· jsholman
An irony, of course, is that vendors to libraries get their OWN set of pesky vendors who will. not. go. away. Hate your vendor? Sic a conference services firm on them. ‎· Galen Charlton
ooooooooooooooh. might just do that. ‎· LibSkrat
No, posting an announcement about our new OA collection to a library list is not in fact an expression of interest in getting emails about your earthquake poetry book (which I already know about anyway because it includes some of my mother's poems, New Zealand is a small country ok). ‎· Deborah Fitchett
I once had a book vendor insist on talking to me on the phone even after I told her I was at a public service desk and that I had 3 children waiting for help. I hung up on her. If you can't respect children needing reference assistance, I'm not buying your children's materials. Also, she insisted she couldn't email me. That's a no-go in my book. ‎· k8s
I was impressed once with a vendor when they called and I said "look, i've got no more money this year to spend" and she said "OK I'll call back next year then." I'll be damned if they didn't bother me for a year. Granted she still called back and I still had no money, but...she kept her word at least ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
and now the original contact has said that he'd have the guy call me. Despite my very clear request to EMAIL ME. *sigh* ‎· Courtney F